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Funky Instrumental Jazz & Dance

"New CD BABY album digital release 2023 by March 1st named Smooth Summer Beach Love Waves Funk & Disco Groove Beat Themes 3. link: Iberer recalls the work of pioneering artist – and unlikely MTV one-hit wonder – Herbie Hancock in its colorful marriage of jazz and dance music"JazzTimes "The Yamaha svc 50 electric cello is now a cool modern jazz/rock and pop solo instrument!""New cello pop solo music song books & funky jazz & dance cello solo groove music song books for the acoustic & electric cello, rhythm pizzicato books, jazz cello solo ballad song books & sheet music, new classic jazz & pop cello standards and new real books!"A´great solo studio work for the use of the cello and the electric cello as instruments in the styles of funk, jazz, dance,fusion, & pop/rock."New signature solo effect sounds/colors/textures & rock pedals for the Yamaha Svc 50 electric cello."Iberer combines his various worlds - classical, jazz fusion, and dance - with mesmerizing results; the past and present clash of the jumpy synthetic beat with the old-school haunting of Iberer's cello is a dazzler" "The technical skill and emotional insight that Iberer projects into his playing is dazzlingly beautiful". "One of the qualities that distinguish Iberer's work from his contemporaries is his feel for the beat". "A kiss may be just a kiss but love is more than skin deep in the hands of a master cellist such as Iberer." "Iberer has already recorded and issued more albums than several groups' lifetimes. However, it's not just a matter of quantity; there is a consistent thread of experimentation and innovation in Iberer's work that is equally jaw-dropping." "Although highly regarded in the jazz world for his contributions to some of Miles Davis' groundbreaking records, Hancock was also chastised for his embrace of the synthesizer. Iberer shares Hancock's visionary approach while setting a style of his own.""Source of inspiration: Stephen Nachmanovitch Book "Free Play"Some quotes by jazzmusicians:" Anyone can improvise but first learn your instrument" Charlie Parker"Only play what you hear, if you don´t hear anything, don´t play anything" Chick Corea""I'll always remember when I first heard Lester [Young]. I'd never heard anyone like him before. He was a stylist with a different sound. A sound I'd never heard before or since. To be honest with you, I didn't much like it at first."Count Basie" I have to change a tune to my own way of doing it. That´s all I know" Billie Holiday" I´ll play it first and tell you what it is later"Miles Davis "I Keep on Dancing and dancing because there is only one dance" Michael Jackson"Let´s Groove, Funk & Dance!"Alex Iberer