Alex Iberer, Ibererproductions: Artist & Musician: Cellist, Electric Cellist, Drummer,Composer & Entrepreneur.

"Iberer recalls the work of pioneering artist - and unlikely MTV one-hit wonder - Herbie Hancock in its colorful marriage of jazz and dance music.
Although highly regarded in the jazz world for his contributions to some of Miles Davis' groundbreaking records, Hancock was also chastised for his embrace of the synthesizer. Iberer shares Hancock's visionary approach while setting a style of his own." Jazztimes

BIO: Born Oct 31 th 1978 in Malmoe, Sweden. Alex Iberer is a classical trained cellist who is one of a new generation of musicians versed in jazzimprovisation and other non-classical styles of music. He has studied at the Malmoe Academy of Music for cellist Mats Rondin and improvisation for saxophonist Helge Albin, basist/cellist Svante Henryson and Lasse Lundstrom. Then he has continued to study jazzcello at the Berklee College of Music in Boston,USA for cellist Eugene Friesen, violinist Matt Glaser, saxophonist Fred Haas and he also participated in masterclasses with saxophonist Joe Lovano. He is active as a performing artist both live and in the studio, radio/TV and he has played concerts and recorded in Sweden, Europe and in USA. Alex likes to experiment in different musical styles and band constellations. His major musical influences are among others Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Michael Brecker,Jean Luc Ponty, Cannonball Adderley,Jeff Lorber, Kenny G,Michael Jackson,Stevie Wonder,James Brown,Herbie Hancock, Eberhard Weber,Jan Garbarek, Yo Yo Ma, Mstislav Rostropovich,Svante Henryson,Mats Rondin,Eugene Friesen, L Shankar,Björk,Pat Metheny, Jan Hammer, Andreas Vollenweider,Vangelis,Enigma etc . Alex also plays drums which he has studied for Peter Fältskog at the Malmoe Academy of Music and Helmut Sitar at Lunds School of Music and his idols within the field of drumming are Steve Gadd, Elvin Jones, Jack Dejohnette, Phil Collins,Gene Krupa,Manu Katche,John Bonham,Billy Cobham,Brian Blade Zachary Alford etc,and Alex also compose and teach.Alex actually started learning the drums before learning the cello. At the age of 5 he began taking his first drumlessons for Helmut Sitar at the Musicschool in Lund,Sweden. One year later he began taking his first cellolessons and then years to come Alex would play and practise both drums and cello, but the cello was his first instrument so he practised and got very skilled technically on the cello. Alex was then crafted with the russian celloschool that he learned by his celloteacher Mats Rondin, including the fundamental technique, clear tone and colors. Alex did spend alot of time practising and playing concerts with his cello when he was young, however he continued developing his drumplaying playing in lots of differerent bands through the years, and also with the help of Peter Fältskog at the Malmoe Academy of Music. Nowadays Alex often records and plays as much drums as he plays the cello! Alex has worked as a cellist substituting in various Symphony Orchestras around in Sweden. From 2001-2009 and forward Alex has worked as a freelance musician both live and in the studio playing in different ensembles and constellations. Alex has played with Joe Lovano, Sebra String Quartet, Lasse Lundstrom Big Band. Drummers Jonas Holgersson, Ali Djeridi, Zoltan Csörzs, Janne Loffe Carlsson, basist Filip Augustsson, pianists Hakan Rydin, Louic Dequidt and Carl Orrje. He has worked with the arabic musical culture project Spiritus Mundi that mixes pop and arabic music, cellist Eugene Friesen, harpist Stina Hellberg, pop and alternative rockgroups Loud Silence and Skin To Skin,Svarte Pan,Limbo,Juxtapose,Electronica group Wallenberg, Singers Lena Måndotter, Shirley Clamp, Vivian Buczek,Jonna Samuelsson guitarist Krister Palmquist,and many others. He has worked as a drummer in coverbands and in various constellations and as a cellist and bandleader for his different original composition musical projects. Alex records frequently almost every day and produces at his homestudio. He often records both drums and cello! . Some interesting facts about Alex Iberer 1. He has applied as the first cellist in Swedish history to the Studio-Musician professional study programme in Piteå, Sweden and he was approved in all of the auditional process. 2. He is the first Swedish cellist ever who has played with saxophonist Michael Brecker, basist Charlie Haden and drummer Brian Blade at BPC in Boston, USA together with the Berklee String Orchestra. 3. He is the author of the book Alexander Iberer..s Jazzcello School. 4. He likes good quality music, movies, books, and art, both abstract and impressionistic....and to travel and visit new countries and cultures. 5. He was a skilled tennisplayer when he was younger and he likes sports. 6. His uncle is a cellist in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. 7.Alex has released 35 digital CDs which is for sale on CD Baby by A.I Productions " Alex Iberer is confident blowing over the thorniest and fastest be-bop tunes, and does so like no other cellist ever heard! His sound is clear and his intonation is excellent. His phrasing and inflections are entirely convincing and he has a solid sense of rhytm" Eugene Friesen Assistant Professor of Music Berklee College of Music. "Alex Iberer is one of the most talented cellists ever heard!" Matt Glaser violinist Assistant Professor of Music Berklee College of Music " Very cool stuff he has"! Jeff Lorber, recording artist Blue Note. "Alex is a very gifted cellist and a highly accomplished drummer" Svante Henryson, cellist,bassist,Warner Music Sweden AB and former member of Yngwie Malmsteen Band."Love his Sound" Bill Gram Atlantic Records A&R.